Pathway To Conquering Addiction

Addiction and the Baby Boomer Generation

When Boomers were wallowing in the mud at Woodstock, leading the nation into the drug-fueled 1970s and exhorting the youth of the world to distrust anyone over the age of 30, the members of the Baby Boom generation caused considerable consternation among their elders.

Fast-forward a few decades, and the participants of the world’s most famous youth movement are now the grey-haired oldsters that they once warned about. But while their appearances and politics may have changed slightly since the heydays of the counterculture, several studies indicate that their interest in substance abuse continues to thrive.

In drug and alcohol rehab centers across the country, treatment professionals are seeing an increasing number of older adults enter substance abuse treatment. Drug and alcohol addiction among those in their 50s and 60s is on the rise, and with baby boomers comprising nearly one-quarter of the United States population, it is likely this trend will continue upward.

baby boomer pathway to conquering addicitions

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baby boomer pathway to fitness and weight loss

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baby boomer pathway to healthy healing

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baby boomer pathway to healthy healing

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baby boomers path to self-improvement

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baby boomer pathway to conquering addiction

Pathway to Conquering Addiction

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Pathway to Companionship

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